Blog Post 3 Pecha Kucha

The Pecha Kucha was helpful in creating a succinct way of discussing my topic. To be honest I was panicking trying to write it because I have never written a Pecha Kucha. At first, I was concerned 20 seconds would not be enough time per slide to discuss what I wanted to discuss as I could talk about my topic for hours. Then when I timed it out I was concerned that I did not have enough information about each slide and would just be sitting there for periods of time. I think that timed presentations, with time per slide, is incredibly hard for me instead of saying I have 6 minutes total. It was also rather difficult to decide what pictures to include and what information to include. I also was not exactly sure on what to include, information on the infirmity, my findings, or my plan for the project.

I think that the Pecha Kucha helped me in focusing. It seems as though the others are in the same boat as I am in that we need to make our projects smaller and more manageable. I also think that trying to help others with their project and thinking critically about their project helped me to think critically about my own project and apply some of the advice that I gave to others to my own project. Also applying some of the advice that I have received. The primary piece of advice that I have been working on is trying to narrow the project down and make it manageable. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to make a list of things that I would like to investigate in order of importance and start with what I have already done/have started and then work my way through the list being reasonable with how much I think I can get done. That is the hardest part for me I think. Trying to limit the project because I only have so much time.

This by the end of next week I want to have created the majority of my graphics. And then the rest of the time can be spent putting the website together as that is the hardest part for me I think. This has been quite the learning experience already and I am sure that the farther I go in the project the more I will learn. Attached is the Pecha Kucha that I put together for class.Pecha Kucha


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