Visuals and Websites

My project is starting to come along. I’ve spent some time looking at website layout and have it narrowed down to two or three layout. I am looking forward to a presentation in class today about mapping census data. I think that it will give me really good insight into mapping my applications for relief. I have held off making a concrete plan for mapping the applications for relief because I knew Colin Rose was coming to talk about his project mapping census data. I have some of my visual data coming along nicely. I have graphed several populations to see who was at the infirmary when as well.

I have word clouds that are based on legislation language. I also have started putting together Newspaper articles to show that the public’s primary concern with the infirmary was who was in charge of the infirmary and how much it was costing the public in tax money. Almost all, with a few exceptions, of the newspaper articles in “The Perrysburg Journal” were about who was running for election to infirmary director and how much the infirmary was spending. I also have made word clouds of other important concepts such as reason for being at the infirmary and occupation before. I also have looked at the rhetoric of institutionalization at an infirmary and have a few basic visuals to accompany that as well.

I hope to have the website layout up and running by the end of Thanksgiving as well as having some of the text and images up and running as well. All free time during the week of Thanksgiving is going to be dedicated to getting the website up and running and getting a good chunk of the project done and completed, past what is done now.

As per before I am still struggling with trying to narrow my focus on the project. I think the best way is to just tackle each topic one at a time and see how much time I have in the end to add addition information and topics. I have it narrowed down, but of course as you start to design visuals new ideas keep popping up and saying oh hey over here look at me. I have to remind myself that while the new ideas are exciting they are not the focus of my project.


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