Videos and Coding

Well the semester is quickly coming to a close and my project is too. I have coding and more coding to do and then it will be done. However, it certainly seems like time flies quickly. I have learned a lot since my last blog post. I learned how to georeference maps. In this case, it was Sanborn maps. Also, I have always set a lot of store in the accuracy of Sanborn maps, but I learned that the Sanborn maps are not infallible. Someone was off in some their scaling and therefore one of my maps just would not georeference correctly, but alas this was a good lesson about the level of trust to put in maps. It also showed that the digital methods we have been using are not just useful for analyzing the primary sources, but in some cases can be used to evaluate the reliability of sources. I’ve included the video that I used the maps to create of the changes to the infirmary building complex. There will be text to read before one sees the video explaining the changes that they will see in the video. I contemplated putting text into the video, but personally I would rather just look at the maps and see the differences and then reference back to the text. I had to white out buildings on the map as I went back in time to show that they were not there after 1908 as that was the earliest Sanborn/technical map that I had found. Anyways, I’ve been rambling about the cool video so here it is:  And wait a problem… Mac does not save videos in a way that allows me to have a correct type of file for word press… Well I suppose here is the powerpoint instead.Building evolution

Just some quick context to what you just saw. The map starts with the 1925 Sanborn map of the Infirmary and that map holds true even today, with a few exceptions of buildings that were demolished over the last few years. The Sanborn maps are georeferenced over a modern aerial. After 1908 there are no more Sanborn maps for the infirmary, so I had to just white out the buildings that would not have been there. However, this does not account for the chance that there were buildings there that are not there in 1908 and that will be explained as well.

Besides making that video and the maps associated with it I have been working on my template and trying to figure out how to get it up on fetch and trying to learn about coding. The moral of the story is technology and I just do not understand each other and probably never will. I’m just hoping we can see eye to eye and it will pretend to cooperate for a little while. Coding I think is the hardest part of the project along with trying to put stuff up on the Iweb as well. I thought I had a good grip on it at one point and then realized no I really didn’t.

Another important thing I learned was, it is important to be ambitious, but do make sure that at some point you have a reality check and realize that you cannot do everything. That reality check came for me and I have scaled back a wee

I’m looking forward to being done with the project, but since this is my thesis it is not the last that I will see of it. Besides, I would like to add to the project and give the information to the museum that it is about.


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