The End… But not really

Well ta-da! It’s done. Infirmary: An Untold Story is finally, finally, finally, done. After a few personal set backs I have had the opportunity to finish the project. Boy have I learned a lot. First and foremost, website coding is hard when you have limited knowledge, but worth it when those a-ha moments hit and you realize just how to get some of the things you were trying to do to work. I really got excited when I figured out how to link the blog to it without just putting the website! I’m finally getting the hang of the technology aspect of the project and now it’s over. I also learned that projects as interesting as they are and as much as you just want to keep researching forever you must eventually stop. This was particularly hard for me as I was working on my thesis simultaneously so I would find new information that I would want to include while I needed to be coding and wrapping things up. I suppose this is the curse of the researcher though. Anyways, I am thankful for the chance to learn more about digital history and I am sure that I will carry the lessons I learned with me and to future endeavors. Well here is the link to my website and enjoy!


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